Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love Your Family

First I want to start off by saying that not all of us were blessed with good families. Some families are torn apart by drugs or any number of senseless reasons. But if you are lucky enough to have a good family never take them for granted! I know it's easy to get frustrated and angry with the people you love the most. This has become more obvious to me as I have spent the last few months trying to help my parents get my grandmothers house ready to sell. There have been several nights I have come home plotting their demise (I know - terrible, but it's the truth!). I now carry with me a picture of me and my grandmother standing in her kitchen to remind me of what it really means to love your family no matter what. She loved every single one us no matter what! No matter what mistakes we made in life, big or small - she never once judged us, she just loved us because that is what you should do! Its hard to understand this as you are growing up, why your parents make the decisions they do or why life seems so unfair at times. But if you are blessed enough to have a family that loves you it will all work out, even if life never makes sense - the one thing that will make sense is that your family loves you and always will! There are so many petty things that get in the way of this great love (money, who should have called who, the list goes on and on!) but don't let those things get in the way! If the people you love were all taken away from you suddenly you would be left wishing you had just let the little things go and loved them no matter what. I believe that truly loving someone means loving them not just for the good they do but also for their faults. We all have good and bad in us, and if you can't find it in you to love your family for the good and bad then what do you have? Don't hold grudges and don't let the sun go down upon your anger because none of us knows what tomorrow will bring!

(This post is dedicated to Mom, Dad, Josh, Aunt Lorraine, Jerry, Chrissy, Paul, Bridget and Ethan, Veronica, Jared and Julian, Uncle Dennis, Greg, Michael and Karley, Ron and Marilyn, Kurt, Jodi, Kyle and Conner, Ronda, Troy and Doug. And in Loving Memory of Grandpa Manuel, Grandma Mary, Uncle Bob and Grandma Alberta - I love you all!)

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  1. this brought tears to me eyes it is all so true, cuz. family is everything. love you!!! your grandma and nana (grandma Mary) would be so proud of you right now. xoxo