Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If You're Not Sure Don't Do It!

If you're not sure don't do it. This is probably the most valuable advice I ever received from my dad. When I was I teenager I didn't always follow this advice but it definitely made me think a little bit more about the decisions I was making. As I get older I often realize that I am asking myself "are you sure about this?". This little piece of advice has probably kept me from making some very big mistakes in my life!

So this would be the first thing I would tell my children if I had any. "If you're not sure don't do it!". I would start telling them this at a very young age so that they would remember it for the rest of their lives as I have. Sometime I think if every parents got this message through to their children the same way my dad did to me maybe we would not have so many teenagers making such bad life decisions. I could be wrong but that is just how I see it. I mean look at me, I am almost 30 years old and still alive, healthy and happy. And is that not ultimately not what every parents wants for their children?

I am sure that there are several people in my life who are tired of hearing me quote my fathers advice, but I never plan on stopping, because he is one of the wisest people I know.